VMware Workstation Solaris 10 Install VMware Tools

最近在折腾Solaris 10,在虚拟机中安装了Solaris 10操作系统,操作系统是x86系列的Solaris。

在虚拟机中部署Solaris 10,在没有配置好SSH之前,无法直接粘贴任何宿主机上面的命令。


1、On the host, from the Workstation menu bar, select VM > Manage > Install VMware Tools.

If an earlier version of VMware Tools is installed, the menu item is Update VMware Tools.

2、In the virtual machine, log in to the guest operating system as root and open a terminal window.

3、If the Solaris volume manager does not mount the CD-ROM under /cdrom/vmwaretools, restart the volume manager.

	/etc/init.d/volmgt stop
	/etc/init.d/volmgt start

4、Change to a working directory (for example, /tmp).

	cd /tmp

5、Extract VMware Tools.

	gunzip -c /cdrom/vmwaretools/vmware-solaris-tools.tar.gz | tar xf -

6、Run the installer and configure VMware Tools.

	cd vmware-tools-distrib./vmware-install.pl

Usually, the vmware-config-tools.pl configuration file runs after the installer file finishes running.

7、Respond to the prompts by pressing Enter to accept the default values, if appropriate for your configuration.

8、Follow the instructions at the end of the script.

Depending on the features you use, these instructions can include restarting the X session, restarting networking, logging in again, and starting the VMware User process. You can alternatively reboot the guest operating system to accomplish all these tasks.


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